Jambor - petrol station

30,40 Kc/l

AdBlue 15,90 Kc/l

Service for truck and private cars

Areál ZD Cezava

Blučina 627

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Workong time
Monday - Friday: 7:00 – 18:00

Servis manager

Ilja Trojan

Tel.:     +420 530 505 524
Fax:     +420 530 505 521
Mobil:  +420 702 013 614

In our service we do specialize in repairing all kind of vehicles. We are able to do all mechanical work for our costumers. We dont do specialized repairs. Specialized repairs will be done by other suppliers. We also guarantee  branded spare parts.

Our mechanics do high-quality work for a good price. For individual customers its possible to stipulate cashless transfer (invoice) for our services.

Our company servicesclanky/eurocargo

  • All mechanicle work
  • After warranty service for all vehicles
  • Panel beating and body paint spraying
  • Changing engine oils
  • Installation of windscreen
  • Electrics
  • Repairs of crashed vehicles 
  • Praparation and arrangement of MoT, Emission measuring 
  • Resource of verification of tachographs