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Tyre repair shop

clanky/pneuservis-01Our tyre repair shop specialize for changing tyres on private cars, delivery vans, trucks, agricultural vehicles and motorbikes of all make.

We  can repair any kind of tyre and tyre-tubes. We also sell tyres of all makes and different kind of types even for trucks, agricultural vehicles and also industrial tyre.

For companies we can provide servicing contract including privilege prices for our service work and tyres or specification of special terms of payment.

By reason of high quality  and quick service we recommend you to arrange a date and time by telephone.


Pneuservis JamborPneuservis JamborContact:

Areál Cézava 627
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Workong time: Monday - Friday 7:00 – 18:00

Technician of tyre-repair shop

Tel.: +420 530 505 524
Fax: +420 530 505 521

Mobil: +420 776 128 955

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