Jambor - petrol station

30,40 Kc/l

AdBlue 15,90 Kc/l

Petrol station


Our petrol station is there for the general public. We can offer fuel for a very good price for our clients. Fuel is possible to pay cash or we can make a deal for cashless transfer (account available). Because our company is mainly focused in truck transport we only sell diesel and AdBlue.


The only and exlusive provider of diesel fuel for our petrol station is company CEPRO, a. s. which is guaranteed by high quality. The proof is the fact that company CEPRO a.s. successfully set up system of quality control according to rule ISO 9001:2000 in transport, storage, release and sale of refineries products. First certificate of quality control for company CEPRO was make out by internationaly respect british company Lloyd“s Register Quality Assurance Ltd. In 1998, who conducting regular checks twice a year.

In consequence of the approval of the new emission standards EURO 4 is the number of new cars equipped with supplementary burning liquid AdBlue, which helps by redusing the number of harmful emissions in the exhaust gases. AdBlue is is a clear colorless liquid consisting  32.5 % of an aqueous solution syntetic urea it“s chemically clear and it“s not harmful for human“s health not even for enviroment. Manufacturing quality control is governed by DIN 70070. Because the number of new cars equiped with this is getting higher and also interest in AdBlue is growing we can also offer you this product. Supplier of AdBlue and delivery technology which is fully approved is company CSAD Hodonin a.s.




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